September Newsletter

On 1 September we flew a Caravan and a King Air to Hooper Bay. Bob and I flew nine volunteers in the King Air while the Caravan was full of cargo including two 540 lb barrels of spray on insulation and four tanks of propane. We both had eight passengers each going back to Soldotna.

August Newsletter

August started off with a bang on 5 August. On August 5 at 12:30 PM we flew from Soldotna to Wasilla where we picked up 5 junior high kids from the Alaska Native Youth Conference and took them home to Togiak. On the way weather was not looking so good, so we stopped in Dillingham to get fuel. While in the air, we tried to make arrangements for the refueling but we were unable to get hold of Bo, our normal refueler at Dillingham, on the radio or by phone.

July News

Don’s first flight in July was to take an Alaska Bible Institute group up to White Mountain for a week of activities. While in the air we talked to Mark, one of our other pilots who was flying the slower Caravan and asked why he had scheduled the slower aircraft to flying the longer trips that day. As a result of our inquiry we were sent to Red Devil to pick up the pastor and his family and take them to Anchorage instead of the Caravan. Even with this extra trip we got home only half an hour behind the Caravan.

June News

From Don:
June started out with a flight of cargo to Togiak with one King Air and a Caravan. After loading two 500 lb crates containing outboard motors into the Caravan it was full. Into the King Air we loaded drums, other musical instruments, shelves, paper towels, a filing cabinet, a mop pail, and two 100 lb propane tanks. We returned to Anchorage with 15 Global Partnership Ministry people who had been in Togiak for a week.

May News

In May no flying was scheduled so we could prepare all the aircraft for the heavy summer flying schedule. Because there was no flying this month we spent two and a half weeks in California attending our daughter Cheramie’s graduation from Dominican University in San Rafael, just north of San Francisco – that’s the last child through college. Since there are no flying pictures we're including some pictures of God's Alaska - I feel very privileged that He has allowed me to see the magnificent beauty here.

April News

From Don:
April saw Don flying two weekends. The first weekend he flew Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK) to their Spring Blast in Mountain Village. We started by picking up the leaders from Anchorage and taking them to Mountain Village. We left not being sure that the weather would let us land. On our way out the weather started to go down not up as forecasted.

March News

In March Don went on a 10 day excursion around the state. The weather was absolutely clear with blue skies during the day and temperatures around -10°C or 14°F. At night it went down to about -25°C or -18°F. You pay for clear skies in the winter.

February News

In February Don flew with Larry, from Samaritan’s Purse, back out to Hooper Bay with the 50 Christmas Boxes we were short the first time. Dave & Steve Peterson hitched a ride so they could do some finishing work on the Samaritan Purse houses. From there we headed off to Scammon Bay, just 40 miles north with the 14 cartons (about 240 boxes). However the wind prevented us from even attempting a landing (also the runway was reported very slick due to being covered with ice from a recent thaw). We decided to continue on to Bethel, where we parked at the Hagland Aviation ramp.

January News

January started with MARC helping Samaritan’s Purse to deliver Christmas Boxes to the kids in Aniak, Hooper Bay, Kokhanok and Nondalton. We filled the King Air with 40 cartons each holding between 12 and 20 Christmas Shoe Boxes that Samaritan’s Purse collects from all over the US (~ 40 million) and distributes them throughout the world. This is the first year that they have included Alaska in their distribution. Accompanying us were Chief Renard Faber and Sam Craig.

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