Feb-Mar 10

February’s flying involved Don & Brian taking people from Anchorage, Togiak and Manakotak to the annual Moravian Synod meeting. We picked four people up in Anchorage and then stopped in Togiak to pick up 5 more on our way to Bethel. After refueling we flew down to Manakotak where we picked up 9 people and brought them to Bethel. It was not a long day and the weather was pretty good so we were done by 4 PM. We sat for three days which was made worthwhile when Peter Green, Synod President, stated that without the flying we did they would not have had a quorum. I was also able to use the time to accomplish some scheduling tasks and review a new aircraft checklist we are working on. Martha Galila, who was attending from Manakotak, had some mittens and a beaver hat for sale. I bought the beaver hat and Brian bought the mittens.

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And best of all I was able to get access to a wireless network that allowed me to play cards with Cat in Soldotna and our friends in California. On Friday we flew the Manakotak people home in the evening. Returning to Bethel for one more overnight we took the Togiak and Anchorage people home on Saturday. On the way home we overflew a layer of clouds that had some mountains poking up thru them.

In March Mark Swensen and I flew back to back missions. On 25 March we flew to pick up Grace Christian High School along with the other King Air and take them to Nulato, some 300 miles north west of Anchorage. We flew home while the other King Air stayed with them and flew two round trips to Anchorage on Sunday. It was still real winter in Nulato and we were very glad we had decided to wear our winter gear which seemed excessive in Soldotna with the 40 degree temperatures.

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The next day we flew to Kokhanak, 150 mile west of Soldotna, picked up nine people and took them to the Family Retreat, in Naknek another 60 miles west. From there we flew 12 minutes south east to Egegik and picked up nine more and took them to Naknek. We actually landed and parked the airplane in King Salmon and were driven on the only paved highway in the Bristol Bay area to Naknek. The weather was glorious for both these trips, a rarity. The people who came to the retreat have been communicating over the phone and internet. This retreat was the first time theey had gotten together face to face.

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Mark and I attended the retreat and I found a small book called “Alaska, The Man from Kanatak” that tells the life story of native Alaskan, Paul Boskoffsky. I was able to finish the book just before Paul got up at the retreat to give his message of hope, the theme of his book, to everyone in attendance. I bought a couple of copies of the book and an audio version on CDs and am sending it to Don Johnson, in Turlock, for anyone interested in reading or listening to it. Like other villages, Kanatak is no longer there, Paul’s family having been the last one to leave. We stayed with Abe & Krista Williams who live right on the river. Abe was one of the seven people who were baptized at the retreat. He had moved his back deck some 30’ from the house so he could insulate underground his house to prevent cold damage to the house structure. Time being short he was not able to get it back attached to the house – that’s a job for this year. At 11 AM, 2hours before we were to take off taking people home, it was snowing hard and visibility was very low. However it was a local snow shower that had moved off by the time we left at 2 PM.