September - November

Don’s Corner:
The flying has slowed down a lot during September, October and November. I have only flown once during each month. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been idle. MARC has a new Director, Drew Baker, effective 1 September and with new Director comes change. As well as changes we have been writing things down so they can be evaluated, discussed and improved. I dislike writing. The changes have been positive for the most part and Drew has done a lot of consulting we us all on all the changes he has made so far. The biggest impact on me is that effective 1 January 2010 I will give up the Flight Safety Officer job and become the head scheduler which is a fairly natural progression. One of the changes he is trying to make is to increase the number of people who get the marc newsletter by email so as to reduce the cost of mailing out some 1700 newsletters. I have sent out an email to those of you who currently get the MARC newsletter asking if you would like to receive it by email. For anyone who doesn’t receive the MARC newsletter and would like to, please let us know by responding to the email announcing this newsletter saying you would like the MARC newsletter by email.
On 11-14 November Brian and I in the King Air and Tom in the Caravan struggled with weather to get about 81 Alaska Moravian Youth Fellowship (AMYF) youth and chaperons From Manokotak, Tuluksak, Quinhagak, Kipnuk and Bethel to Good News for their annual meeting. This annual activity rotates around the villages and it is a prized event to host. We set off from Soldotna on Thursday because we had planned 7 runs to Good News for each aircraft which we could not get dome in one day because we have to land in Good News in the daylight which only goes from 9 AM to 6 PM at this time of year. The forecast weather was good but when we got there we had to do an instrument approach at a nearby airport to get below the clouds. We dropped our first load of two Alaska Christian College students at around noon. We then flew off to Kipnuk some 100 miles west. This is one of the smaller runways we fly into. It is only 35’ wide while our wingspan is 50’.

Click on picture to see more photos ..................................Kipnuk village

Although the weather was being reported as 400’ overcast but you can see from the picture that it was a beautiful sunny day with clear skies. We picked up nine passengers and then proceeded to Bethel to get fuel. It was about 2 PM when we left Bethel and the weather had come down even more. We were able to follow the coast under the clouds and just got into Good News ahead of the snow showers. We had to sit and wait for the snow showers to pass through before we could take off again. By this time it was starting to get dark so we just returned to Bethel where we were staying at the Moravian Seminary. Tom likewise only got two runs of nine passengers each done. We were prepared to launch at first light, 9 AM, Friday but frost and fog delayed us until 10:30. We both went to Tuluksak and took 9 passengers each to Good News in somewhat better weather. We went back to Tuluksak for a second load while Tom went to Quinhagak to pick up some people trying to get to a funeral that was taking place at Good News as well. The weather was coming down from the west but the weather cameras at Platinum (the airport near Good News) looked OK. Tom proceeded to Akiak while we went to Bethel for fuel, picked up Pastor Clifford Jimmie and his family and proceeded to Akiak. On his way down Tom decided to land at Quinhagak because he didn’t like the look of the weather to the west.. On our way down, about a half an hour behind Tom, we could see daylight to the east so tried that way in. We were coming down the valley towards Good News and hit a wall of snow a mere 9 miles from Good News and had to turn around. We flew our five passengers back to Akiak and the Jimmie family back to Bethel. Meanwhile Tom had been in contact with Mark back in Soldotna who was monitoring the web cameras on the internet. It appears the snow showers were going through Good News for 15 minutes before and after we got there. Tom was able to fly down after they passed through. So we are now at; Brian and Don 4 runs, Tom 5 runs. Clifford and his wife very kindly took us out to dinner. We were up and flying again on Saturday but due to winds we were only able to get two runs from Akiak and one from Manokotak for a total of 10 runs. When we phoned Clifford to tell them what time we would be going, his wife answered saying they were in Anchorage. It seams he had a heart attach that evening and had to be med-evac’d. Had he been in Good News he would not have gotten such quick care and may not have been able to be med-evac’d out. We were getting ready to go to church when we got a phone call from the coordinator in Good News asking us when we were going to start picking people up. Although we were caught by surprise we were out to the airport by 11 AM and made three runs each. That made our Monday fairly light with only two runs each and we both got back to Soldotna by 5 PM. Several of the youth asked if we could take them back to Good News because they had had such a good time. I asked one of the younger kids what she liked most and she said “church” which is where all the activities, singing, testimonies, story telling and games, take place. One thing I like about this work is the immediate feedback you get from the people we transport as to their reaction to the activities we take them to.

Catz Corner:
We had a lovely long Indian Summer and finally got snow the day before Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day, all we needed was a sleigh ride to make it perfect. We spent the day with other families from MARC and Samaritan’s Purse, about 60 people in all. I played the guitar, Don played his drum and we joined with two violins and a viola for a fun sing-a-long after the meal. We even snuck in some Christmas carols. I have been feeling better the past few weeks, I had a brief downturn in early November, but am much better, I am well enough to be let out of the house on my own which frees some of Don’s time up. One of the other MARC wives and I are starting our own quilting group at our house, we may be able to donate quilts to local outreach soon. Don’s youngest daughter Christine was married in October in Raleigh, N.C., so we got to fly back for that and see a beautiful part of the country. It was a beautiful wedding with a radiant bride and also served as a Bosworth family reunion as we were all there including my two children, Cheramie and Jon and his wife Jen. It was a long trip, but worth it to see Christine’s happiness and meet her new in-laws who have easily taken her in to their family. Thank you again for all your prayers and support of our mission here. It seems that every day the Lord shows us why we are here, and we are grateful to you for making it possible.