October Newsletter

On 2 October, Brian and I were part of a three plane flotilla that flew pastors and their families into the camp at Port Alsworth, that is just over the Alaska Range west of Soldotna. Brian and I flew several of the Arctic Barnabus Staff, who were running the family retreat, on the first leg of the day. Then we went down towards the Aleutian Chain to Larsen Bay to pick up Debbie Hill and five of her kids. Then it was a hop over the mountains to Kodiak to pick up Allen & Linda Ross. Although the weather was fairly good it was very windy. Going into Larsen Bay the winds were gusting up to 40 knots (about 50 MPH) with hills all around so it was fairly bumpy. At Kodiak it was also very bumpy because of the winds. Of the end of the runway we landed on was a 2500 foot hill so we decided to use a different runway for take off and contend with the cross wind. It’s a lot easier to take off with a cross wind than land with one.
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On 3 October, Bob & I became cargo haulers as we loaded up the King Air with 2000 lb of stuff. The counter tiles we took out weighed 40 lbs each. We were in for a surprise when they told us we had to take a 1000 lb foam sprayer back with us. Five strong guys walked it up the ramp onto the trailer. We took the door of the airplane so the trailer could get close enough. By tipping the blower on one corner of the crate and walking it along they were able to get it into the plane. To ensure I didn’t injure my back I was smart and took pictures. Then they loaded the 200 lb hose and a 300 lb compressor. Back in Soldotna it was much easier to off load the sprayer with the forklift. Click on picture above for more photos.

On 5 October, Brian and I were part of the three plane flotilla that took the pastors and families home. We were supposed to go back to Kodiak in the morning and then fly back to Port Alsworth to pick up a group going to Anchorage. Unfortunately, the weather service put out a warning for severe turbulence around Kodiak until 3 PM. We decided to take the Anchorage group first. Unfortunately, it took an hour and a half to get them to the aircraft because they were told they weren’t leaving until 4 PM so the were resting and were not packed. We got to Anchorage and back OK and by then the warning had been cancelled so we were able to get to windy Kodiak. Unfortunately were unable to pick up a group in King Salmon because it was dark before we could get to Port Alsworth and it’s not safe to land without runway lights. Sorry no pictures of this little adventure.

On 6 October, Brian and I were off again, this time to take a load of fence material out to Hooper Bay and to pick up the Samaritan Purse volunteers from the Hooper Bay project. The weather was great and we were home by 3:30 PM.

Sure doesn’t look like the winter flying slow down has hit yet. While flying on 3 October we got a great view of the fresh snow on the hills out west and on Mt Redoubt and the Alaska Range.

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