Alaska Missions

Below is a list of the Alaska Missions that MARC supports:
Alaska Bible Institute (ABI) - Bible College in Homer, Alaska
Alaska Native Youth Conference (ANYC) - An annual conference of Alaska Native Youth
Arctic Barnabus (AB) - An organization designed to provide ongoing support to Alaskan Missionaries
Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) - Provides opportunities for non-native youth to fellowship with native youth
Covenant Bible Camp (CBC) - A Covenant bible camp near Unalakleet for native youth
Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK) - Youth from the Covenant Church in Alaska
Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska (ECCAK) - Division of the Covenant Church in Alaska
Global Partnership (GP) - An organization that sponsors & coordinates various work groups from the lower 48 that come up duriing the summer.
Grace Christian High School(GCHS) - A High School that sends students and faculty out to bush villages to minister to the youth
Alaska Moravian Youth Fellowship (AMYF) - Youth from the Moravian Church in Alaska
Tanalian Bible Camp (TBC) - A youth bible camp in Port Alsworth, Alaska