How to View Pictures

1. If a picture appears by the words click on it to see details of this one picture. You will now be on where you will see the picture with a title. Then use the back arrow to return to the news letter.
2. If you see the words "Click on the picture to see more photos" in the text, click on the picture to open a set of photos about what your are reading. Once there you will see the word "Details" in small blue type in the upper left. Click on this and you will see the pictures and their titles.
3. To go back to the news letter use the "BACK" arrow to select, for example, "July News | A Wing & A Prayer". You can keep clicking the BACK arrow until you get to the correct link or use the upside down triangle to the right of the word BACK to see all the recent links from which you can select, for example, "July News | A Wing & A Prayer"

We apologize if this seems complicated. If you have any problems please call us at 209-202-0899, Don's cell, and we will walk you through it the first time.